Beta Pro Raincoat

Beta Pro Raincoat keeps the dog dry when it rains and storms.

Size chart

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There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. The Beta Pro Raincoat keeps the dog dry when it rains and storms. It consists of a waterproof and breathable membrane that supplies air to the coat to prevent condensation.

The Beta Pro version has many adjustment options to ensure the perfect fit, and has high-quality sewn 3M reflective tapes. In addition, the dot print as well as the logo is reflective.
The Beta Pro Rain Coat is designed to cope with even the wettest days.

Made from a waterproof ripstop material makes this a very high quality coat and one of the top in our range for keeping the dogs dry.

The cut of this coat makes is great not only for walking but designed so the dogs can run freely in it.

It has an underbelly flap and elastic leg straps which hold the coat in place. It also has elastic toggles to bring the neck in so water doesn’t run down onto the dogs body.
This is also a very bright jacket in the dark as it has reflective strips right through the coat making it possible to see at a great distant whilst shining a torch.

Product features


Size chart

Beta Pro Raincoat: Size chart
Size Back length
24 24 cm
27 27 cm
30 30 cm
33 33 cm
36 36 cm
40 40 cm
45 45 cm
50 50 cm
55 55 cm
60 60 cm
65 65 cm
70 70 cm
80 80 cm
90 90 cm
Size: 24
Back length
24 cm
Size: 27
Back length
27 cm
Size: 30
Back length
30 cm
Size: 33
Back length
33 cm
Size: 36
Back length
36 cm
Size: 40
Back length
40 cm
Size: 45
Back length
45 cm
Size: 50
Back length
50 cm
Size: 55
Back length
55 cm
Size: 60
Back length
60 cm
Size: 65
Back length
65 cm
Size: 70
Back length
70 cm
Size: 80
Back length
80 cm
Size: 90
Back length
90 cm
Size Chart


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