Freemotion Harness

Freemotion Harness

Freemotion Harness

This is the ideal harness for those who want to use their dog for various pulling activities. It was developed by dog drivers who compete at an international level, thus it is extremely well field tested and refined. Many of the world’s best dog drivers have used this harness and won numerous World Championship medals.

The Freemotion utilizes the dog’s anatomy to increase performance by:

  • Keeping the airways free
  • Utilizing the correct pulling points
  • Being adjustable to each dog
Size Maximum neck opening Neck circumference Breed examples
3 13.8 in/35 cm 11-13 in/28-33 cm Parson Russel Terrier
4 15.75 in/40 cm 13-14.2 in/33-36 cm English Cocker Spaniel
5 17.3 in/44 cm 14.2-15.75 in/36-40 cm Border Collie
6 18.9 in/48 cm 15.75-17.3 in/40-44 cm Australian Shepherd
7 20.5 in/52 cm 17.3-18.9 in/44-48 cm Magyar Vizsla male
8 22.0 in/56 cm 18.9-20.5 in/48-52 cm German Shorthaired Pointer
9 23.6 in/60 cm 20.5-22.0 in/52-56 cm German Shepherd
10 72 cm 56-64 cm Newfoundland, Grand danois


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