Running Line

Running Line

Running Line

The Running Lines are available in two sizes: the 6.6 ft/ 2.0 meter line is perfect for canicross, dog trekking and agility, while the 9.2 ft/2.80 meter long line is perfect for skijøring, bike & scooterjøring, and for dog powered sports that require a longer line. Both lines contain additional elastic material designed to improve the comfort while training and playing for both you and your dog. They are manufactured in accordance with guidelines for professional racing and are used by World Champions in canicross, skijoring and pulk racing, bikejøring and scooterjøring.

Both lines feature large hand holds and double as a leashes for those who prefer elastic in their leash. The 9.2 ft/2.80 meter long line is able to attach to the Double Line attachment, which is sold separately.

Length Suitable for
6.6 ft/ 2 m canicross, trekking, walking, agility
9.2/ 2.8 m skijøring, bikejøring, scooterjøring


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Smooth pulling

Due to its special webbing, the running line provides a very smooth and fluent pulling.


High quality materials and certified production within EU ensure a long lifespan.

Protects the back

Elastic line is gentle on both yours and your dog’s back.